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For over 25 years, Marty has been on the radio airways hosting, anchoring, covering and commenting on the news and events of the day. He's worked for legendary stations in Denver, Minneapolis - St. Paul, Sacramento, on the network level, and now currently in San Francisco.

Up and Down the Radio Dial

San Francisco:

KCBS  All News 1069/740

KFBK  News Radio 1530

Minn - St. Paul:

KTLK  News/Talk 100.3
KFAN  The Fan
KJZI  Smooth Jazz 100.3


KOA News Radio
KLZ 560  ESPN Radio
KKFN 950  The Fan
KOSI 101.1
KIMN 100.3
KHIH 95.7  K-HI
KJCD  CD 104.3
KKHK 99.5  The Hawk


Jones/Westwood 1
Business Radio Network

Slacker Radio




KOA NewsRadio ABC'S John Cohen

KOA NewsRadio ABC'S Matthew Dowd

KOA NewsRadio Englebert Humperdinck

KOA NewsRadio ABC's Amy Robach - Tonya Harding "I, Tonya

KCBS Holiday Family Gatherings & Uncomfortable Conversations Thomas P. Farley Mister Manners

KCBS Anchor September 2017

KCBS Leonard Maltin on Debbie Reynolds

KCBS Jan Wahl on Debbie Reynolds

KCBS WalMart  China Labor Issues

KCBS Standing Rock Police/Protestor Tactics

KCBS Rutgers Racial And Slave Roots

KCBS Climate Change And National Parks

KCBS BREXIT Analysis Enda Brady SkyNews

KCBS NYT Correspondent Sheri Fink Drug Shortage & Rationing

KCBS RIP David Bowie

KCBS Jill Schlesinger Market Woes
KCBS Terror Attack At A College In Kenya: Assistant Professor African Politics And Kenya Jennifer Brass Indiana University SPEA

KCBS California Lawsuit Threatens Drought Restrictions: SF Chronicle's Carolyn Lochhead

KCBS Weeds On The Dinner Menu: UC Berkeley's Phillip Stark

KCBS Stanford Chief Of Infectious Diseases Dr. Yvonne Maldanado Measles in California

KCBS Hank Greely More Hospitals Not Making New Years Day Baby Announcements

KCBS Technology Analyst Larry Magid CES And Drones

KCBS Technology Analyst Larry Magid Sony And XBOX Hack

KCBS "Favorable Returns" Kit Yarrow Golden Gate University

KCBS The Interview Plays! Reaction with Variety's Andy Wallenstein

KCBS Your Politics Stink...Literally! Pete Hatemi

KCBS Michael Brown Grand Jury Decision in Ferguson Missouri

KCBS SFMTA "Pay To Park" For The Disabled SF Chronicle's C.W. Nevius

KCBS $100 Million Tax Credit For Film Industry In CA Variety Writer Ted Johnson

KCBS The "Holy Grail" of Lithium Batteries Stanford Professor Lead Researcher Yi Cui

KCBS Proposal to Divide CA Into Six Separate States SF Chronicle's Carla Marinucci

KCBS James Garner's Life Entertainment Reporter Jan Wahl

KCBS Ukraine and Malaysia Airline Tragedy: Donald Jensen Resident Fellow Johns Hopkins Center for Transatlantic Relations

KCBS HIV Found In Child Thought To Be Cured Dr. Mervin Silverman

SFO A Destination In And Of Itself...SF Chronicle's Carl Nolte 

KCBS New York Times Tech Writer Matt Richtel On Apple CEO Tim Cook

KCBS Dirt Dander And Germs Can Be Good? Dr. Robert Wood of Johns Hopkins

KCBS The Passing Of "Alice" of The Brady Bunch Ann B. Davis Syracuse University Newhouse School's Robert Thompson

KCBS Gemini Planet Imager...Physicist Dr. Bruce MacIntosh of Stanford

KCBS Walking Helps With Creativity Study Co-Author Stanford Dr. Marily Oppezzo

KCBS John Paul II and John XXIII become Saints Father Mike Russo Saint Mary's College

KCBS Urban Legend Of Buried E.T. Atari Game True! Lee Montgomery

KCBS Birds Adapting To Radiation Around Chernobyl Dr. Timothy Mousseau

KCBS RNC Convention 2016 in Nevada? Political Analyst Sherry Bebitch Jeffe

KCBS Kids Moving From Soda to Coffee and Potential Effects Dr. Liz Applegate, Director of Sports Nutrition at U-C Davis

KCBS Whole Milk Study & Health Dr. Mark DeBoer, Associate Professor of Pediatrics at UVA & Co-author of the Toddler Study

KCBS High Speed Rail/California High Speed Rail with Tom Zoellner: "Train: Riding the Rails that Created the Modern World, from the Trans-Siberian to the Southwest Chief."

KCBS Postal Service Moving Into Some Staples, William Gould former chairman of the National Labor Relations Board

KCBS Archivist Megan Barnard The Value of a Letter in the Digital Age

KCBS Rocky Mountain "High" Colorado Legalizes Pot for Recreational Use

KCBS "Experienced Well Being" and the Economy Dr. Arthur Stone

KCBS Potential Government Shutdown Professor Jack Pitney

KCBS Remembering Jean Stapleton

KCBS IRS Conservative Targeting Scandal

KCBS Fiscal Cliff Deal Congresswoman Barbara Lee

KCBS Remembering Neil Armstrong

KCBS Remembering Ernest Borgnine

KCBS Rodney King Legacy

KCBS Berkeley Police Chief Michael Meehan

KCBS Fair Housing of Marin

KCBS Anchor September 2011

KCBS Osama Bin Laden Death...Col. Brendan Kearney

KCBS Obama & Boehner Play Golf & Talk Policy: Glenn Thursh Politico

KCBS Osama Bin Laden Death...American Muslim Perspective

KCBS Author William Mann on Elizabeth Taylor

KCBS Identifiable Flying Objects Over Yosemite: Drones

KFBK Sacramento Morning News

KFBK report "Sacramento County Probation Woes"

KFBK "Fuel"

KFBK Robert Novak

100.3 KTLK News Talk  

KCBS Former 49er's Owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr. HOF Carmen Policy

KCBS World Cup Analysis USA John Shrader Voice

KCBS World Cup Early Analysis John Shrader Voice of the LA Galaxy

KCBS 49ers v. Seahawks "Rivalry" KIRO's Chris Sullivan

KCBS SF Chronicle's Ann Killion 49er's Packers Playoff 2014

KFBK "AMGEN Tour Of California"

Sports 1130 KFAN Minneapolis/St. Paul

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